Bethnal Green based bar, Coupette, will be revealing a new menu on the 10th September that documents the journey of the bars new tight knit team and their tales, told through cocktails, illustration and film.

The ‘Urban Legends & Their Uprising Tales’ will be a six-chapter menu that unfolds to explore the darker side of East London, sharing stories of illicit rum deals, spirit smuggling and ingredient hustling.

Using a collaborative approach, bar manager, Andrei Marcu, and his team have devised 24 uniquely crafted cocktails which experiment with savory notes and natural ingredients to create complex beverages, and also their accompanying bar snacks.

To visualise the story, each drink on the menu is depicted through an intricate illustration. You can also use a QR code to tap into a trailer style video and unlock a visual narrative for each chapter of the menu, fully immersing yourself into an imaginary journey around East London.