02 have unveiled a plantable living billboard to celebrate the network’s ‘Go Green’ initiative as part of its four week ‘Go’ campaign on Priority. 

The billboard, located on the corner of Commercial street and Quaker street in Shoreditch, has been made up of hundreds of pistachio stems which reveal an environmentally friendly ‘Go Green’ message. Over the course of the billboards two-week placement, passers-by are invited to tear off seeded paper and grow their very own plants at home.

The Priority ‘Go’ campaign provides 02 Customers with an array of exclusive digital and real word experiences, by encouraging them to try something new as life slowly returns to normality. Customers have so far been invited to streamed virtual talks with a filmmaker and wildlife photographer, a dining experience and overnight stay in a luxury hotel, and, this week, the opportunity to learn how to grow a living wall.

Find out more: news.o2.co.uk
By @beckyking5 @beckylucyking

Published by Hoxton Radio